Shine 2: Misfit Shine 2 Fitness Tracker

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Die elegante Art, Ihre Fitness im Auge zu behalten: Der Misfit Fitness-Tracker bringt Sie in Bewegung und hat dabei auch stylingtechnisch einiges zu bieten! Auf dem schwarzen, flexiblen TPU-Armband ruht das Herzstück: die eloxierte Aluminiumscheibe mit mehrfarbiger LED-Anzeige. Sie birgt neben…

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Shine 2: Misfit Shine 2 Fitness Tracker
Shine 2: Misfit Shine 2 Fitness Tracker

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Misfit Shine 2 Review

The Misfit Shine 2 proves that fitness bracelets do not necessarily have to have a sporty look. Thus, Misfit remains true to its line and puts the focus on an appealing appearance and rock solid, inner values. What makes the Shine 2 special, you will learn here in the Misfit Shine 2 test.

If you look at the majority of fitness trackers or fitness bracelets, you can quickly find something in common: the sometimes more sporty look. Actually, this is understandable, because such a fitness bracelet often manifests the desire for a more active and healthier life.

Because not everyone likes to show off this project, there are products that consciously do without the sporty look. These products include the Misfit Shine 2.

Unboxing the Shine 2

The Shine 2 is marketed by Misfit in a package of thin cardboard whose simple appearance is in the colors black and white. The information is presented with restraint, but always follows a clear and straightforward design language.

Misfit Shine 2 - Scope of delivery

Shine 2

Misfit Shine 2 – Scope of delivery

No less tidy is the interior of the packaging, which reveals the scope of delivery. This consists of:

  • Tracking unit
  • Sports bracelet (elastomer)
  • Clip (plastic)
  • Tool for changing the battery
  • quick start Guide

A charging cable or device is sought in vain because the Shine 2 is powered by a button cell type CR2032. The scope of delivery is so complete and you can get started right with the product. The short quick guide does not usually need it.

Misfit Shine 2 - Scope of delivery

Misfit Shine 2 – Scope of delivery

First impression

The first thing you notice is the tracking unit, which is made of silver aircraft aluminum. The silver-matt finish makes the Shine 2 look very noble. Convenient is because the construction method, which does not show any gap. And yet the Shine 2 consists of upper and lower shell, which can be untwisted and accommodate both the battery, as well as the technology. A little bit the case reminds of the unibodies of the Apple Macbooks.

The aluminum is not only very light but also anodized and therefore extremely hard and scratch-resistant. In addition, the thin oxide layer protects against unwanted and usually unattractive, natural oxidation.

Misfit Shine 2 - tracking unit

Misfit Shine 2 – tracking unit

Also very precise and reinforcing the positive impression are the twelve small circular LEDs embedded in the Shine 2. The only problem is that just looking at the back reveals where the Shine 2 is up and down. Once the tracking unit in the bracelet or clip is fixed, of course, this is no longer a problem. So it’s more “complaining at a high level”.

Misfit Shine 2 - clip

Misfit Shine 2 –

Misfit Shine 2 – A fitness bracelet for women?

Now taste can argue excellently, and the appearance of the Shine 2 is no exception. I find the shape and workmanship refreshingly different. Time a fitness tracker off the usual plastic-silicone mix.

The Shine 2 is always visually appealing – but in my opinion not necessarily on the wrist of a man. He just seems too little masculine. Maybe the black version looks a bit more “dangerous”, but the silver ones do not.

Misfit Shine 2 - On the wrist

Misfit Shine 2 – On the wrist

Things are different with my wife. Since the picture is much more coherent. Even though she wears the Shine 2 as a wrist, he does not look like a fitness tracker by far. Even more skilfully hides the technique in the form of a chain worn around the neck. He is especially her and women in general just better – at least in my opinion.

Everyday life with the Shine 2

The Shine 2 is an entry-level fitness tracker that counts the steps and calculates distance and calorie consumption based on it. At night, the 3-axis motion sensor is used to determine sleep duration and quality.

The Shine 2 also acts as a sleep phase alarm clock and can wake the user in a phase of light sleep through the small vibration motor. The same vibration motor also signals incoming calls to the smartphone if it is within range.

In use, the weak vibrations of the Shine 2 sometimes go down. That may be due to the revised bracelet (see below). At least one should not be distracted on the wrist, in order to get something out of the vibrations. Against this background, it is also questionable whether the movement is enough to get someone out of sleep.

Misfit Shine 2 - Comparison with Fitbit Flex 2

Misfit Shine 2 – Comparison with Fitbit Flex 2

In addition to the vibration motor, the twelve small LEDs are the only way Shine 2 can pass information to its owner. Here the technology of the Shine 2 surprised me, because the small LED can accept different colors and color shades. It all looks like a little lightshow and my daughter is totally excited about it. As soon as she sees the bracelet, she is blown over to watch the hustle and bustle, because when you tap the little LEDs light up in red.

The more LEDs light up, the closer you are to your daily destination. If all twelve LEDs light up, the target for the day has been met. But beyond that, the points are displayed. But what does “points” mean here?

Misfit counts steps and scores points

The number of steps is the requirement for almost every manufacturer to achieve the daily target. The origin is understandable, because no one other than WHO recommends that you take at least 10,000 steps a day to live a healthy life.

Another path is taken by Misfit, who sets the daily target as a point value. To achieve the score, activities are considered, including normal steps. However, the steps are converted into points, which then contribute to the daily performance.

Not only the steps, but also the intensity of the movement are recognized. If you go jogging, then it’s only steps, but just fast steps and can see the Shine 2. The consequence is a higher score for the same number of steps.

That the traceability and comparability with data from other manufacturers suffer, some will not like. So far, the steps were the measure of things, you have to get rid of the thought of Misfit.

The approach is not a bad one, because anyone who reads here more often, knows the discussion about the number of steps and the accuracy of their capture. The loss of confidence in the fitness tracker is widespread if the device does not indicate the number of steps the user thinks he has completed. Points are the means of choice to free users from this mental compulsion. At the same time, the approach of reality is fairer, because not everyone who moves a little on foot, an inactive day.

Tracking not only on the wrist

While the wrist is still the best position for reading the Shine 2, the small fitness tracker can be worn almost anywhere on the body thanks to the enclosed plastic clip.

Wearing position (Screenshot Misfit App)

The criticism of the loose attitude through the bracelet has taken Misfit. The revised bracelet seems to be much more stable. Instead of the thin rubber lip with the back clip, both parts are fused together in the new bracelet and provide more security against falling out of the tracking unit. This now snaps noticeably into the bracelet. At no time did I have the impression that Shine 2 could become self-employed.

Misfit Shine 2 - Revised Bracelet

Misfit Shine 2 – Revised Bracelet

Also in the plastic clip, the Shine 2 feels safe. With me he sits so firmly in the socket that I can easily attach him to the shoe while jogging without it has previously been lost.

Misfit Shine 2 - clip on sports shoe

Misfit Shine 2 – clip on sports shoe

LEDs show the time, but due to the design with inaccuracy

In addition to the degree of target achievement, the small LEDs also indicate the time of day. To do this, the LEDs light up when you tap on three, six, nine and twelve o’clock, while the hour is indicated by a glowing green, the minutes by a blue flashing light.

The approach implies that the accuracy is ± 2½ minutes. For most situations in everyday life, the accuracy is sufficient. If you stand at the bus stop and want to see if you have already missed the bus, 2 ½ minutes can be decisive for the war.

Bracelet – great in sports, somewhat unadorned in everyday life

And yet, despite the good overall impression, there is a small point of criticism, because the plastic bracelet may not quite fit the chic look of the Shine 2. Somehow, a more appealing bracelet would be more in keeping with the character of Shine 2 and the Misfit line.

To anticipate, such bracelets are of course available from third party suppliers and from Misfit directly. However, it would have made the product a bit rounder, would Misfit settle a bit more chic variant. So the bracelet looks a bit like cheap plastic.

But I want to be fair, because for the sport, the plastic bracelet is of course much better suited than a bracelet made of leather or metal. The smooth surface is so easy to clean and easy to rinse under water. The Shine 2 does not even have to be removed because it is waterproof up to 50 meters. For everyday life it may still be a bit fancier to meet the requirements of Shine 2.

Misfit Shine 2 -

Misfit Shine 2 – tool to open the battery compartment

Two more words about the bracelet – this can be easily opened and closed with the pin connection. Even though I personally like the normal thorn closure more, Misfit offers one of the better implementations here. The closure is big enough that the donning does not turn into fumbling. And despite pin connection makes the shutter a stable impression. Unwillingly, the bracelet has not risen in the last four weeks.

Nice app without steps, but with dots

Since the quality of fitness trackers and sports watches is not limited to the hardware, I also took a close look at the Misfit app. No question, the implementation is one of the most visually successful.

To be honest, Misfit has to distract a bit from the content with the look, because due to the low complexity of the Shine 2, no very sophisticated charts and views can be expected. So there’s a lot of eyecandy with it, without wanting to talk it down. It just fits the overall look of the Shine 2 and the Misfit line.

The Dashboard displays the data for the current day. This includes the achievement of goals, as well as the time course of the activities on the chosen day. By swiping to the right, you can also view the values of the past few days. To get an overview of larger time periods, the display can also be switched to weekly or monthly views.

Not a bad idea to do your own positioning and to compete against mediocrity.

Misfit 2 offers only a few game elements

The principle “Gamification” can only be guessed at the beginning and yet I do not miss the Shine 2. Misfit does not offer the mainstream fitness tracker, as eg Fitbit and partly Garmin do. The Shine 2 is not a playful product that you interact with frequently. He is a quiet, stylish companion from the outside rather as a fashion accessory, because as a technical gadget is seen.

Conclusion: Misfit Shine 2 test

I would like to venture from two sides to the result of the test. Considered soberly, the Shine 2 is certainly one of the entry-level devices that also have the basic functions of step counting and sleep monitoring. The information on the distance covered and the calorie consumption are derived therefrom sizes that you do not necessarily have to attribute the device. In addition to these basic functions,

the Shine 2 also offers the display of the time, a motion reminder, a sleep phase alarm and the notification of incoming calls and messages.

So alone, the Shine 2 can not stand out from the broad mass of fitness bracelets for beginners.A key aspect of the fitness tracker from Misfit 2 is its visual appearance, build quality and long battery life. Whether the design of the Shine 2 is now successful, everyone must decide for themselves. It should be noted that the handling of the Shine 2 at any time was completely trouble-free, be it the operation of the device itself or working with the app.

Value of the money
+ Positives:
  • No automatic detection of activity (by type).
  • A silicone bracelet that has not changed.
  • The absence of heart rate monitor.
  • Limited "social" functions.
- Negatives:
  • A tracker that, 3 years later, retains its singularity.
  • Vibration notifications.
  • Vibrating alarm "smart".
  • Remote control function.
  • Windows Phone compatible

Additional information

Specification: Shine 2: Misfit Shine 2 Fitness Tracker






graphite grey



EAN List

EAN List Element: 4053858821934

Item Dimensions

Height: 197, Length: 709, Weight: 9, Width: 94


Misfit Wearables


Misfit Wearables





Number Of Items


Package Dimensions

Height: 157, Length: 606, Weight: 31, Width: 370

Package Quantity


Part Number


Product Group


Product Type Name



Misfit Wearables

Release Date


Size (mm)



Misfit Wearables


Misfit Wearables Shine 2 Sport Bracelet for monitoring of activities, Graphite

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