Misfit Ray- Fitness + Sleep Tracker with Black Sport Band

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Misfit Ray is our most minimal and versatile tracker. It’s a fashion accessory in its own right, and delivers the fitness and sleep tracking you need. Receive vibration alerts for incoming calls and texts, movement reminders, and smart alarms, and connect Ray with Misfit Link to control your…

Last updated on October 9, 2018 11:12 pm
Misfit Ray- Fitness + Sleep Tracker with Black Sport Band
Misfit Ray- Fitness + Sleep Tracker with Black Sport Band


Misfit Ray in the test

That Fitness Tracker does not always have to have an ordinary watch form, I’ll show you in the Misfit Ray test. The Fitness Tracker is worn on the arm, but rather appears as a fashionable bracelet in appearance. What this means in particular for the bracelet and its functions, you will learn here.

Misfit Ray Unboxing and delivery

Misfit Ray 

Misfit Ray

The Ray is the smallest product of Misfit Ray but shares basically the same packaging as the Shine 2. On the front of the package are in addition to the product photo and the product name, three symbols that already allow conclusions about the functionality:

  • To go biking
  • To run
  • swim

At the same time, the word “No charging required” attracts my attention. More on that later.

After opening the lid you will find a few small product information and warranty information. Nothing really needed to get the Ray up and running. The open packaging gives the same view of the Misfit Ray and the three small button cells. More cannot be found in the packaging so that the content can be summarized as follows:

  • Misfit Ray
  • 3 button cells
  • Product and warranty information

Misfit ray review

The packaging and presentation of the product have already been successful. More important is, of course, the product itself. Here I must confess that the Misfit Ray has sun and dark sides.

With a length of 38mm and a diameter of 12mm, the Ray presents itself as a small cylinder made of anodized aluminum, just as it is used in the aviation industry. Anodizing has the advantage that the surface of the Ray is less sensitive to corrosion. Because I can only fail to describe the color of the Ray, just take a look at the photos.

The frosted, slightly shiny surface makes a chic impression anyway, which I would rather describe it with elegance, because with sportiness.

Misfit Ray review

Misfit Ray review

Misfit Ray battery

What I do not like is the way you get to the inside of the fitness bracelet to insert the three small button cells. For this, an internal cylinder must be unscrewed out of the aluminum housing. In itself, not a bad idea, because so the outer shape of the Ray can be maintained without disturbing elements. To unscrew the bracelet has to be touched and turned. However, the bracelet sits so loose on the case that my gut feeling tells me that here the first material fatigue will be found.

Once you have the lock open, everything else is not a problem: Button cells in, screw together and get started.

What makes me a bit confident is the fact that the Ray with the three button cells should run for up to four months. If the bracelet survives five battery changes, then the bracelet has passed its zenith at the age of two.Also not very convincing, I think the bracelet. The material used is quite rigid and the ability to adjust the length of the bracelet flexible, and the bracelet regularly open and close, I feel rather than a fumble. That may really only be so with me – thick finger and so – in the end, but also fulfills the bracelet its purpose: The Misfit Ray remains securely on the wrist.

Set up the Misfit Ray

The setup works without any problems via the app, which is available free of charge for iOS and Android in the respective store.


The functionality of the Ray is limited due to a lack of display by default. The built-in 3-axis accelerometer simply records stoic and everyday movements and evaluates them as steps or as activities in sleep. In addition to the small multicolor LED, the small vibration motor can also provide feedback. From a technical point of view, the Ray does not offer more.

Nevertheless, relatively many things can be realized even with the given means:

  • step counting
  • calorie consumption
  • Distance traveled
  • Sleep monitoring (light / deep sleep)
  • Notification for calls, text messages, appointments
  • memories motion
  • remote Control

In addition to the basic features certainly stands out the “remote control”. This means that the bracelet can be assigned an action when it is tapped. This requires the free Misfit App, which is also available for iOS and Android. Currently, one of the following actions can be applied to the bracelet:

  • Trigger smartphone camera
  • Control music playback
  • Scroll forward through the presentation (eg Powerpoint)
  • Send yo message
  • Trigger action of the Harmony Hub
  • Make the phone ring

That sounds bigger now than it is in everyday life. Basically, most of it works, but for me, it is nothing more than a bit of accessory, which I could not use in everyday life so far.

Misfit App

In order to avoid duplicating content, I would like to refer you to the test of Shine 2, in which the Misfit app was also presented in detail. Since the app is similar for both products, you will find in the review of the Shine 2 all the information you need.


The Misfit Ray is minimalistic – in terms of its design and features. This is not bad at all, because there are enough people who do not want to put a second watch on their wrist just to get some activity data. The same applies to occasions when a sporty fitness tracker or a sports watch are not appropriate. For those, the Misfit Ray is an interesting product.

Real weaknesses, the Ray has not made, alone the mechanics to unscrew the battery compartment, I find unfavorable. Also in terms of the quality of its measurements, the Misfit Ray does not show any weaknesses in the test. In any case, it is not more accurate or inaccurate than comparable products on the market. I have been saving comparisons since the very beginning because they are simply meaningless. It is important that the Ray shows constancy in terms of his measurements and I can confirm that.

Value of the money
value of the test
+ Positives:
  • A tracker with a unique approach.
  • Singular design and quality materials.
  • Vibration notifications.
  • Vibrating alarm "smart".
  • Remote control function.
  • Seal.
  • Autonomy.
- Negatives:
  • No time display.
  • Multicolored LEDs a little gadget.
  • Not compatible Windows Phone.

Additional information

Specification: Misfit Ray- Fitness + Sleep Tracker with Black Sport Band







EAN List

EAN List Element: 4053858861916

Item Dimensions

Height: 39, Length: 39, Width: 39







Number Of Items


Package Dimensions

Height: 173, Length: 606, Weight: 22, Width: 370

Package Quantity


Part Number


Product Group


Product Type Name







Misfit MIS1010 Ray Watch

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