Garmin Forerunner 235

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Garmin Forerunner 235  Couleur: Turquoise/Noir; Montre GPS Forerunner 235; Clip de chargement/données; Documentation; Calcul la distance parcourue, l allure, le temps, la fréquence cardiaque au poignet et bien plus; Fonctions connectées¹ : téléchargements automatiques des données vers Garmin…

Last updated on October 8, 2018 1:37 am
Garmin Forerunner 235
Garmin Forerunner 235

$401.56 $372.79


the brand name, most experts in the field of fitness and athletes combine quality. That is not by accident. The company has been convincing for years with quality products that can always set themselves apart from the competition and are sold well. This is no different with the Forerunner 235. She is currently in all bestseller lists on Amazon, although she is no longer the latest clock in the league. But this is exactly their secret, without betraying too much here: Value for money!

Not only do we want to explain the features in detail to you in this review, but we also want to discuss together who this watch is for. What makes you good in the first place? Which features are missing? Is it worth it today and, above all, for whom is it worthwhile to buy the Garmin Forerunner 235? Let’s find out all that, as compact as possible.

Garmin Forerunner 235 Display

We are dealing here with a round clock. This is extremely important for many people. Because of the style aspect that is a big difference, especially if you want to wear the watch in everyday life. The screen is also colorful and looks absolutely high-quality thanks to a pretty nice resolution. For a fitness watch that is really high-end.

garmin forerunner 235

garmin forerunner 235

The housing is otherwise mostly made of plastic. There are sensors at the back and several buttons on the sides for operation. The supplied bracelet is made of soft black (optionally in other colors) rubber. It’s great for sports, which is not really surprising. But we find it worth mentioning. Even in everyday life we find it absolutely not disturbing. Only those who are looking for a real trendy watch will not find it. The plastic band might look a bit cheap for some.

For processing, it can be said that although no Apple Watch similar precision is displayed and clearly screws etc. are recognizable. Nevertheless, we are dealing with a quality and absolutely high-quality fitness watch. It rattles nothing, all buttons are clean and the clock lasts for a long time. The price is well worth it here, compared to the cheap competition. Garmin has always been synonymous for quite good watches hardware, away from the whole sensor. Of course, the case is also completely waterproof, up to 50 meters even.

Battery features and fitness sensors

Let’s get to the really important things: the innards of the clock. What is she really up to? What can make your fitness heart beat faster and ultimately inspire the athlete? It is summarized in a few words: With the Forerunner 235, you just have to go. All important and comprehensive tracking features are directly integrated and run completely without the chest strap, smartphone or other annoying accessories.

The Garmin Forerunner 235 measures your heart rate directly at the wrist, can determine the exact position via GPS and Glonass and therefore record your movement with uncanny accuracy. In our test, this has worked great in forests and between tall buildings. Incidentally, GPS plus Glonass can only be found in the most expensive fitness watches. Many have only GPS or no GPS sensor installed. Of course, steps, distance, and pace are recorded as well as calorie consumption. Estimates of the VO2 max value, the recovery time and duration are also available. The Garmin offers one of the most comprehensive reviews of your workouts without being too cluttered.

In addition, there are great special features of the clock: If you sit for more than an hour, then it reminds you that you should get up. Sitting in new cancer, researchers say. Therefore, the Garmin strives to keep you fit in everyday life. The battery life of nearly two and a half weeks is also great. 7 days were in our test with two workouts no problem. The clock lasts 11 hours if you work out all the time.

Garmin Connect & App

garmin gps

Of course, modern users also want to have an app on their smartphone for all sorts of data transfers. All records of the clock can be viewed directly on the phone. You can watch your workouts or just follow everyday life in smart graphics and diagrams. so you will be motivated, informed and can better adapt and plan your training. It’s just fun to see his fitness so transparent. After 3 years of fitness clock use, I can tell you: Such an app makes the big difference. Because only the clock does not bring much. But when you see what it actually does, what progress you make, how all movements affect your health, you get a whole new sensation of the sport. No matter what sport you do.

At least as cool is the Garmin Connect network, where you can share your fitness data and experiences with friends or just the community. You can challenge, share, compare and ultimately philosophize about your sports progress with like-minded people or even friends and family. That motivates incredibly! It’s a cool addition and absolutely something that cheaper watches can not offer. This type of connection is exclusive to Garmin.

Fitness watch and smartwatch in one

Of course, this is a fitness watch. And as such, we want to continue treating you. Nevertheless, the Garmin Forerunner 235 is meant to be worn in everyday life. The pretty chic and simple look underlines this statement again. The functionality is also full of cool features for everyday life. Many smartwatch features are part of the game, which is otherwise only found on expensive Android or Apple watches: You can receive notifications on the clock, receive calls, mails, messages and much more. You can even check the weather conditions and forecasts, for example, to plan the workout. And also the calendar and memories are at the start.

best garmin running watch

best garmin running watch

Connected phones with iOS 8.0 or higher, Android 4.3 or higher or Windows 10 phones. Only Bluetooth 4.0 must be at the start. Then you can download and install the app Garmin Connect in the App Store or Google Play Store. It is free for all Garmin users. Then you can connect the watch with Bluetooth. Attention: If you have not installed the app, no pairing is possible. We wanted to do this first, but no chance!

In addition to the standard features, some additional widgets and apps can be downloaded to make the watch even more of a smartwatch.


We recommend the Garmin Forerunner 235 to all amateurs who are serious about their sport. If you need motivation, want a really accurate record of your activities and would like to wear a great watch in everyday life, hereby you have found the right watch.

What the clock is not: It is not a cheap entry-level watch. It’s a device that even professionals enjoy, not as a toy. If you are looking for a start into the world of fitness trackers, you should look around at cheaper Altarnativen. Everyone else can confidently strike.

Test result
Value for money
+ Positives:
  • Chic design
  • Suitable for workouts and everyday life
  • Easy to read color display
  • Extreme water resistance
  • Good workmanship
  • App available
  • Comprehensive smartwatch features
  • GPS + Glonass
- Negatives:
  • High-end price
  • Somewhat older product

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