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With the recipe for success “half smartwatch, half fitness tracker”, Fitbit and its wearable Ionic pass the competition in this Fitbit ionic review

Last updated on October 5, 2018 4:47 pm


With the recipe for success “half smartwatch, half fitness tracker”, Fitbit and its wearable Ionic pass the competition in this Fitbit ionic review. In addition to the numerous fitness features, we especially like the radiant display and the sensible smartwatch functionality in the test. The meaning of the future planned payment function can be argued.

Fitbit ionic specs

Fitbit has already made his first steps in fitness coaching with his Blaze . Now the fitness experts are following suit and continue to expand functionality with the Fitbit Ionic. To record your fitness level, the clock accesses all sorts of data: steps taken, current heart rate, resting heart rate, sleep data including REM phases, GPS or run routes, altitude differences and calories burned. In order to get fit or stay, the watch is at your side as a coach: Various exercises based on your determined fitness level and your exercise habits can be selected via the display. Relaxing: To breathe properly, the Ionic leads you through different breathing exercises after training.


Incidentally, the integrated GPS sensor not only serves to precisely determine distances and speeds but also helps the Fitbit Ionic automatically detect sports. For example, your running training (reading tip: The best running shoes for women and men) recorded by itself when you start running. You can also manually track seven different sports: running, outdoor cycling, aerobics, elliptical training, walking, general sports (for example strength training), swimming. Interesting for professionals: The Fitbit Ionic also understands something about heart rate zone training. And when the day is over, the Smartwatch fitness tracker hybrid becomes a sleep lab, in which REM phases are also recorded. If you want, you can not only look up all training results and data in the app but also log your eating habits.


What bothered us a bit in terms of fitness during the test is the fact that the burned calories can only be displayed in a detailed view. In contrast, the battery is quite positive in the test: About five to six days kept the clock through. Who deactivates GPS, is even longer. For charging, you can not use a standard charger with micro USB connector, but you need to use Fitbit’s own charging cable.


Already by the optics the name “fitness clock” urges itself on. The Fitbit Ionic does not look like a conventional fitness tracker but is much more like a smartwatch with your design. In particular, we have to praise the touch display in the test: the resolution is more than satisfactory, the display is bright and the touch operation is smooth. The case is made of high-quality aluminum and exists in the three colors light gray, dark gray and copper. Wristbands offer Fitbit in different variants, as materials come here silicone and leather are used. To stay individual, different dials can be set. The Fitbit Ionic is wearing very well in the test, so you just like to keep it overnight and use it as an alarm clock in the morning.

fitbit app

What looks like Smartwatch, of course, must be a bit smartwatch. Fitbit donated the Ionic a connection to the usual social apps Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and of course WhatsApp. In addition, the tracker also shows incoming calls and displays calendar entries as well as SMS messages. Storage space for around 300 songs also offers the tracker. You can then transfer the music to a compatible headset via Bluetooth. The transfer of your favorite music to the Ionic works a bit awkward via Wi-Fi and works only if you have created in advance a playlist – for example, with iTunes. Here you could even improve.

The Fitbit Ionic fitness watch comes with apps, music player and hides incoming messages. Source: FFitbit

Ionic should be fitter in the future

The Fitbit Ionic is already fit for all different smartphone platforms: the Sports Smartwatch can be connected to iPhones, Android phones and Windows Phones or can also be connected to your PC via the supplied USB Bluetooth dongle. Fitbit is definitely serious about his smartwatch because more features are planned for the Ionic in the future. For example, the watch has an NFC chip that will also be able to communicate with payment terminals in the future. So you could pay cashless with your fitness trackers in the business, provided credit card details were deposited.

But it will take a while to get there. Here, however, CHIP already raises the question of whether this is really necessary with a fitness tracker or whether this does not go too far for the product category. On the other hand, Apple fans have been waiting for years for the Apple Pay feature of their Apple Watch. In addition to the payment function, Fitbit will offer its own statements on its own App Store in the future, even more, applications.

We are curious. Still, the price to call: 350 euros at the time of testing are truly no cardboard stem, but quite acceptable for the quality and features of the product.

+ Positives:
  • First class equipment
  • Radiant and sharp display
  • Floating housing
  • Message viewer supports WhatsApp & Co.
- Negatives:
  • Price quite high
  • No microUSB cable to charge

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