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Take control of your goals by using Charge HR to record your workouts and track all-day activity like heart rate, steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes. With instant access to every stat, anywhere you go, you don’t have to look far for motivation to keep moving.

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With the Charge HR, Fitbit is introducing a stylish fitness wristband that is Fitbit’s first device in this category to include a built-in heart rate monitor for the wrist. The watch is suitable as an activity tracker for everyday life as well as a fitness tracker for regular sports activities.

Fitbit Charge HR review

The Fitbit Charge HR is not for nothing Fitness Watch bestseller at Amazon (as of mid 2016): The watch convinces – apart from its design – with its variety of functions, high wearing comfort and with the very good app.

The Fitbit Charge HR first catches the eye with the successful design, which we like better than the other, more functional fitness bracelets. But on the functional side, too, the watch has a lot to offer: the watch measures the pulse “24/7” on the wrist, has a built-in altimeter, it can also display the “Caller ID” (the name of a caller) and thus works more than Other fitness bracelets are related to the smartphone.

Fitbit comparison

fitbit charge hr review

fitbit charge hr review

The Fitbit Charge HR looks pretty good visually and is compared to other fitness trackers in our view pretty stylish. You can wear them well in everyday life. This is also because the comfort is high – the soft plastic is comfortable on the skin and the fitness bracelet is very light at less than 30 grams. The pin buckle holds it securely on the arm.

The charge HR is splash-proof, keeps out rain and sweat – but it is not waterproof. That means you should not shower with her and certainly not swim. That’s a shame, and a certain shortcoming of many Fitbit devices.

Fitbit charge HR small

The OLED display is not large, but has a clear backlit display. Unfortunately, the display is not always readable, you have to turn the wrist (gesture control) or press the button on the side. Running the fitness bracelet is intuitive and easy: there is a single button on the side that controls it.

Battery life of just under five days

The battery life is five days according to the manufacturer, in practice, it is sometimes four rather than five. How long the battery lasts, of course, depends on the degree of use. Charging the fitness clock works via its own charging cable, which is included.

Well equipped fitness tracker

Fitbit charge backside (heart rate sensor)The Fitbit Charge HR is a fitness tracker through and through – the equipment for recording the activity in everyday life is extensive: around the clock, the steps are counted, the distance measured, the floors counted (via a barometric altimeter), the calorie consumption tracked and heart rate measured (at regular intervals). In this regard, the HR lot few other fitness trackers suggest anything. And, of course, sleep can also be recorded, and Fitbit has recently added some improvements to the app’s reporting capabilities.

Motivation is provided by the daily goals, which can also be set automatically on the basis of previous activities. The HR batch does not have an inactivity alarm – in our view Fitbit should have made this possible, at least as an option. The watch is already equipped with a vibration alarm.

Recording activities is possible

Of course, workouts can also be recorded with the Fitbit Charge HR. Here, the watch records the steps taken, measures the heart rate and estimates the calorie consumption. Unfortunately not possible: the output of the distance traveled. For this you have to have a smartphone with GPS and record it separately. It is good that you can start an activity directly at the clock, and then categorize it later in the app.

Smartwatch features are limited to caller viewing

Fitbit Charge HR in profileThe Fitbit Charge HR displays the name of the caller for incoming calls. This is the only watch feature that the watch can come up with, and this feature is also pretty handy. This is even better solved with the Garmin vivosmart HR , which also displays incoming messages and calendar entries, and in which a simple control of the music player is also possible.

Accuracy of measurements with the Fitbit Charge HR in order, but not perfect

The measurement of the step count is accurate, but slightly less accurate than the Garmin vivosmart HR. The heart rate measurement on the wrist is sufficiently accurate in everyday life and with a slow increase in intensity as well as steady endurance, although not perfect. For short, intense units, the measured frequency has larger deviations from the more accurate value measured via a chest strap sensor. This is already known from the heart rate measurement on the wrist, which is still in the process of prevailing. From our point of view, 100 percent accuracy is often not needed, so measuring the batch HR is sufficient.

fitbit app on android

fitbit app on android

Fitbit app on android

The Fitbit app is in our opinion the best app on the fitness tracking market. It is clearly arranged and contains numerous evaluation options. The app is available for all major smartphone operating systems: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

The app also has a social component: groups can be used to challenge other Fitbit users. That motivates and can be fun.

Included in the app is a calorie counter, in which you can enter what food you have taken. The determined calorie intake can then be compared to the calorie consumption. This is very useful if, for example, you want to regulate your weight – in the long run, however, it will take a lot of stamina to put in the calories you eat (or the food you eat).


The fitness bracelet Fitbit Charge HR is well suited for people who would like to have an overview of their own level of activity on the one hand and to motivate themselves for a healthier lifestyle, and on the other hand want to use the fitness clock for recording training sessions. The target group for the charge HR also attaches importance to high wearing comfort and style.


Value of Money
Test result
+ Positives:
  • Extensive equipment
  • 24/7 pulse measurement on the wrist
  • Despite many functions easy & comfortable to wear
  • Display caller ID
  • Vibration and "silent alarm"
  • Actively motivating
  • Especially good app
- Negatives:
  • Not waterproof
  • No chest strap connectable
  • Wristband not changeable
  • OLED display not permanently readable

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Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband

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  1. V R.

    I have waited until now to review this product as I feel that in order to be fair I needed to have used it for a while. I bought this two months ago, primarily to stop me from constantly carrying my phone (which I was using to track my steps) and which was proving to be huge distraction, games, email, social media etc. I just love this device. It counts my steps, stairs climbed as well as total distance travelled. I am interested in my heart rate and tracking my sleep pattern too which were the extras that prompted me to buy this one rather than just the ‘charge’.It is not as elegant as my normal wrist watch, but it is still quite neat and unobtrusive. I bought the large size and have quite small wrists and started with it on the third last hole on the wrist band and am now on the last but one hole. Perhaps in hindsight I should have bought the small, but other review indicated that is was quite small! I think on the Fitbit website it advertises a medium as well?I wear it 24 hours a day (except for showering and washing dishes) and the battery last about 4 days from fully charged to completely drained of charge. I have never managed to get it to last 5 days. Just for info as a guide to my usage, I walk a reasonable amount a day, (anywhere from 6 to 12 km) run 5km three times a week and climb about 80 -100 flights of stairs a day (M to F!) I use the alarm feature Monday to Friday. Not sure if this is ‘normal’ use or heavier than normal according to the guide it says up to 5 days of normal use.The free app is great and I love the fact that I can set a morning alarm for weekdays only. It is also encouraging me to drink more water as I can log that as well.Overall, I am delighted with it.

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