Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30: the connected watch for adventurers

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Offline maps, dual screen, improved range for this new Pro Trek model

Casio will soon release its third generation Pro Trek outdoor watch. The WSD-F30 is an improved version of the WSD-F20, a watch for fighters. The Japanese brand announces greater autonomy thanks to the Extend mode, a double color and monochrome touch screen with better resolution, the possibility to access the offline map, a smaller housing, and some other changes. Update on the news and our opinion on this new model.

What’s new about Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30 versus F20

The Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30 is an improved version of the F20 model. The Pro Trek WSD series (models F10, F20 and F30) offers a connected outdoor watch designed for mountain activities, trekking, hiking but also activities such as fishing, hunting, skiing, paddle or cycling. It counts the steps and the calories spent. It also carries all the sensors useful for adventurers: ABC sensors (altimeter, barometer, magnetic compass), accelerometer, gyroscope, sunrise and sunset times, tide graph, weather trend. A microphone is also used to give instructions to the watch.

This outdoor watch is also very robust. It is designed to withstand water, dust, extreme temperatures (down to -10 ° C) and shocks. It complies with the US military standard MIL-STD-810G.

This new model proposed by Casio offers some novelties that should appeal to fans of adventures. For a description of the basic functions of the Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30, we invite you to read our article on the Casio WSD-F20X.

Extend mode for greater autonomy and offline map lookup

Main feature of this model, Extend mode disables Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions and saves battery. Casio promises an autonomy of 3 days instead of 1 day for a GPS use limited to 8 hours per day. To control this use, the Casio can be programmed to activate GPS and the color screen only during certain time periods.

In this mode, previously downloaded cards (up to 5) can be viewed offline. Unlike other watches offering cartography, one can thus move anywhere without a network!

Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30

Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30

Fashion use Autonomy



watch Daily use or trekking. GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and color screen disabled. 30 days
Normal Standard use with GPS, color and the monochrome display, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. 1.5 days
Extend Use in extended mode with color and monochrome screen, GPS but deactivation of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. 3 days


New, more accurate color and monochrome touchscreen

Casio offers a new OLED color screen (instead of LCD) and a resolution that goes to 390 x 390 px (instead of 320 x 300 pixels). So here we have a screen very accurate and comfortable, much better than the excellent outdoor watch Fenix 5 Plus (240 x 240 px).

monochrome and color screen

Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30

Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30

The Casio WSD-F30 has a dual monochrome touch screen and 390 x 390 px OLED color. The monochrome, energy-efficient display now displays more data than the F20 model.
Casio retains its dual-layer screen technology which consists of superimposing a monochrome screen, low in energy, and a color screen.

To save battery life, the watch displays the default monochrome screen. A simple push of a button displays the map in color. The power consumption is greatly reduced.

Another new feature of this model, the monochrome display now includes, in addition to time, altitude, atmospheric pressure and compass data.

retains its dual touch screen, one monochrome, the other color, for outstanding visibility even in direct sunlight. The novelty but improves the resolution.

A smaller and thinner case

Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30

Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30

front view

Casio has reduced the size of its case (diameter and thickness)
The new Casio Pro Trek is also a little smaller than the previous model thanks to a repositioning of components. It loses 3.9 mm in diameter and 0.4 mm in thickness. It’s not huge but we see the difference on the wrist. The watch remains rather voluminous, especially for thin wrists.

The addition of GLONASS

Upon the release of the Pro Trek WSD-F20 model, Casio announced an upcoming access to the Russian satellite system (GLONASS). This should be the case for this new model.

A softer bracelet

To meet the demands of users, Casio improves its strap by making it more flexible while adding a few additional holes for a finer adjustment of the tightening.

This new Pro Trek WSD-30 outdoor connected watch brings significant improvements to the previous model. With more than half the range thanks to Extend mode, a high-resolution screen, offline maps, a thinner size and a more comfortable strap, it should delight adventurers and fighter fans of the Pro Trek series and seduce an audience wider.

Update - 2018.10.09

Price and availability

The Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30 will be available for sale around the end of January 2019. It will be available in 3 colors: black (WSD-F30-BK), blue (WSD-F30-BU) and orange (WSD -F30-RG). Its price should be $ 549 in the United States, which gives an idea of ​​its price for Europe that has not yet been unveiled.


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With Extend mode, the battery life will be reduced to 3 days if you limit the use of GPS to 8 hours a day. The watch also displays a default monochrome screen to save battery power.

Value of the money
  • Significantly improved autonomy (3 days in Extend mode)
  • High resolution screen (390 x 390 px!)
  • Maps accessible offline
  • Case smaller than the previous model
  • Bracelet more flexible and adjusting more finely
  • An interface for PC or Mac! (requires a smartphone)
  • A little less bulky case
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