New apple watch series 4

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Apple Watch Series 4 comes in two versions – with and without eSIM option. All straps from previous generations also fit Apple Watch Series 4

New apple watch series 4
New apple watch series 4


Apple Watch is undisputed the most selling smartwatch in the world. It’s actually the best-selling watch at all. The new Apple Watch Series 4 is better than its predecessors in almost every way. I still think a watch should be around, and I wish Apple would do like Samsung and launch a more “traditional” watch – but the new generation is at least a bit more rounded. However, you still do not see Apple Watch as a piece of jewelry like most other watches – but more like a mini computer on your arm. And in this respect, it is clear that a square (ish) screen works better.

New apple watch series 4

apple watch 4

apple watch 4

With Series 4, Apple has for the first time changed the design of Apple Watch. The clock has grown a little bigger – but not so much that you can feel it in everyday life.

My test sample is the largest of 44mm and it seems to be about the same size as the previous version I had on 42mm, although it’s actually a little bigger. The good thing that it’s got a little bigger is that it has got a – significant – bigger screen.


I will come back to that again. In addition, it has become a bit thinner, which is a welcome change – even though it is very little. The crown on the side of the watch also no longer has the very distinctive red color on the page indicating that the watch was the LTE version. Instead, there is now a relatively discreet red ring on the crown, which is a lot better.

The belts have not changed, although more have been added. But if you already have a strap from a previous watch, you can use them well with Series 4. With the box, you will find a single rubber strap, but you can buy straps in all types of materials and price ranges.

New apple watch series 4 Screen

New apple watch series 4

New apple watch series 4

Perhaps the biggest immediate difference between the old generations and the Apple Watch Series 4 is the size of the screen. It’s not because there’s SO much more space – approx. 30% – but it actually feels real alright. Especially when trying to hit the small buttons and, for example, enter their code, there really is a difference. I can not say how many times I tasted wrong on my Series 3 – it almost never happens anymore.

The New apple watch series 4 Screen also allows for some more advanced dials, and Apple has used the opportunity to add some that are really detailed. In fact, a bit too detailed to my taste, because I think more of them are a bit too inconceivable. On the other hand, I like the new watches with fire, steam, and liquid metal. Simple and delicious. The quality of the screen is – as in the previous generation – quite awesome, and even in high sunshine one can easily see what’s going on.

Faster than ever

New apple watch series 4

New apple watch series 4

The first few generations of Apple Watch definitely had their challenges in terms of speed – especially in the first generation, where apps drove on the phone instead of clockwise. It has changed since, but Series 2 was not exactly extremely fast. It became better with Series 3, but it’s only with Series 4 that you no longer think about it or get annoyed by it. Now there is so much speed that the feeling is much like an iPhone – there is not much waiting time, and you must be more than usually impatient to think things are going too slowly.

Excellent battery life

The battery life of smartwatches is generally pretty terrible. However, with Series 3, I have been able to “survive” two or even three days – assuming I did not use it for training. When I run, it’s something else, because then it’s relatively fast downhill, but even here, with a relatively short run every day, I can hate two days out of Series 4 – which is more than I could with Series 3. Apple itself indicates that battery life is the same for the two generations, but immediately it seems that Series 4 is performing a little bit better.

Siri on the arm

Of course, Siri still has space on your wrist in Apple Watch. However, she (or he) has become a bit more discreet to use now because one can simply raise his arm to his mouth. Then the watch itself detects that you want to talk to Siri and she listens. It’s pretty convenient and works 100% of the times. You look like in the same neighborhood a little less a huge fool because you can discreetly command a command. I’ll never be the one who thinks it’s very nice to talk with my arm, but at least it’s not at all quite awake.

Siri is fast and along with the latest version of iOS, also comes Siri shortcuts. I love that I can now say to my watch that it has to find my wallet I have a tile in – and then my wallet starts calling somewhere nearby. It is really convenient.

Lots of health

There is no doubt that Apple Watch Series 4 is a watch designed to provide you with a lot of data about yourself and your health condition. One thing is that it is an excellent training session that delivers all the statistics most people need when they practice some form of exercise, but the big news actually lies in the health functions those who do not grow very much exercise have as much need. For example, a drop will trigger an alarm and then even dial 112 and send a message to one of your contacts. And yes, I’ve tried it – it actually works fine and catches my simulated fall. I actually think that could make it a paralyzer for the elderly. (An animal one of the kind, though.)

In addition, you will be able to take an ECG in the future in the future. So far, we have not arrived in Europe, so I have not been able to test it, but since Apple is already starting to apply for EU authorization, I guess we will see it in a matter of months. With the possibility of taking an ECG, even more people will be warned of their watch if something is wrong – something that is actually already happening in a rather big style.

Training on the wrist

The new Watch OS (as the owners of older Apple Watch also have access to) include, in particular, a single feature on the training section I’ve seen incredibly much; auto registration of training. That is, when I start running the clock looks and starts the training – without doing anything. It is really convenient. Even more practical is that even it even stops the training even if I do not tell me I’m done. Otherwise, I was already sitting on the couch with my healthy snack (read: Mix yourself) after training and remembering that the clock was still of the opinion that I was in training. But it never happens anymore and the function is enormously accurate.

All the other training functions are rough as always, and the watch is waterproof (as before) so you can swim and swim on it. There have also been a few new types of training – but it’s again in conjunction with Watch OS 5, so it’s not specific for Series 4.

Always connected

If you’re the type of running or cycling, for example, you’ll want to choose the LTE version, because it’s a pleasure to let the phone sit on the kitchen table after you’ve tightened your running shoes. I even dropped to take the phone down to workout in the gym because it was just an attention system. With Apple Watch, I’m still connected, but I’m not going to sit and ride with Facebook for hours on the machines.


Who should buy the new Apple Watch? If you’ve already invested in Series 3, you’ll either be very crazy to get a little bigger screen or just be the type that can not live without the latest. If, on the other hand, you have a Series 1 or 2 and like it, you will get a watch that is significantly improved on several points. But keep in mind – Apple Watch only works with Apple’s own products so if you are an Android user you can forget about it. But if you have an iPhone and love it, there’s also a great chance that you’ll love its little companion.

Value of the money
Value of test
+ Positives:
  • A 30% larger display and thinner case
  • Improved heart rate sensor with EKG/ECG
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Fall Detection
  • Faster CPU
  • Compatibility with my old bands and straps
- Negatives:
  • No always-on screen option
  • Expensive for a gadget you may upgrade every year

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